Screamer Haunted Attraction Documentary
Screamer is a haunted house documentary about the world of terror entertainment.  The film was in production for five years and chronicles the haunted attraction businesses of Phil Granger and Matt Kemp.  Following completion, The film re-entered production and post production one year later to document a new tragic event for Fright Night Productions.
This was the fourth time the film went into post production and marked a span of seven years from beginning of initial filming to final shots.

Screamer visits various haunted houses and haunted attraction events in the U.S. while following the progress of two underdogs trying to create a successful Halloween haunted house in Indiana.

Sometimes sad, humorous, horrifying or downright silly, the film examines what it takes to survive in the haunted attraction business.

The documentary won an award at the Las Vegas International film festival and has went on to appear at multiple events including horror conventions, haunting and Halloween shows to enthusiastic audiences.