Screamer Haunted House Documentary
While many dream of one day running a haunted attraction, the reality of creating a Halloween business which has a customer base of perhaps only 45 days a year is indeed daunting. "If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it." 
The haunted house documentary Screamer follows the efforts of Matt Kemp and Phil Granger as they attempt to beat the odds to become successful Halloween haunted house owners while not going broke in the process. Despite having limited resources, the two of them have a dream to create a popular Halloween seasonal attraction in Indiana. 
We take a look at the business of Halloween as seen through the eyes of two optimists. The film is a raw and unsugarcoated look at the real world business of haunted houses as experienced over multiple years and multiple attractions. 
This film is not intended to be a children's Halloween video, and not recommended for those under 13. It contains some gore, blood, theatrical violence and offensive language.ti-line text