Director of Screamer William N McHugh has worked in the area of video and audio production for the past 15 years.  Screamer represents the first feature length film completed by Infinity Vision.

Being a life long Halloween fan, McHugh rented a children's style haunted house documentary. Inspired, he decided that his first full length film would be about the Haunted house industry.  This film would include more gore and violence and be aimed at adults.  As Screamer progressed however, the film became more about the characters involved and their struggle to overcome various obstacles with their fledgling haunted house business.  This change of direction resulted in a film which followed the three haunted attractions built by Fright Night Productions.

During the more than five year development of Screamer, Mchugh became personally involved in the haunted attraction business.  Production sites included Chicago, Louisville, Columbus, Salt Lake City, Denver, St. Louis and various locations in Indiana.

The end result is a very candid and raw look at the business of haunting with an unforeseen ending...